Titanium Rings

There is a growing trend for titanium wedding rings, and there are many reasons why. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any

 metal – hence why it is named after the Titans of Greek mythology!

Titanium rings are incredibly lightweight, but at the same time incredibly strong. It can be inlaid with precious metals, such as silver, gold and platinum, which can allow matching a band to a partner’s engagement and wedding rings. Titanium is incredibly affordable – in fact, titanium wedding rings are the most affordable metal wedding bands we make. Say you would like a very wide platinum ring – this would cost thousands of pounds. The equivalent wedding ring made from titanium? Just £195! Most of the titanium wedding rings we design and make here at Ring Jewellers cost between £195 and £495.

Titanium has the ability to change colour via the process of ‘anodising’. Here at our workshop we can use different anodising voltages to change the colour of the titanium used to create your jewellery. We can anodise titanium to be blue, green, gold, bronze, and purple, so if you wish to have a coloured titanium wedding ring or piece of jewellery, you can do. We can also use enamel to create flush, black stripes and patterned inlays.

See our range of titanium rings below or contact us for any of your bespoke jewellery requirements.

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