Platinum Band Engraved & Diamond Set Inside

Platinum Band Engraved & Diamond Set Inside

platinum band engraved & diamond set inside

Any variation of this design can be ordered in: Platinum, Palladium & 9ct or 18ct White, Yellow & Rose Gold. Some of the designs can be ordered with a Titanium & Black Zirconium Metal colour.

At RING jewellers we understand that some men are reluctant to wear a wedding ring. If they are not used to wearing jewellery the first time they put a wedding ring on it might feel like they would never get used to it. Other gentlemen may be concerned that their wedding band may not survive the test of time if it is worn in a manual job.

We at RING jewellers take all of this into consideration and we will give you impartial advice about the width, size, design & metal and produce a ring that will not only suit your hand, but also will wear well.

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