Geek Chic Jewellery

Wedding & engagement rings can often be serious things. Bring out your inner geek with a piece of jewellery that says something about you! This season is not about white with yellow accents darlings, it's about JEDIS, HOBBITS, TIME LORDS & COMPUTER GAMES!!!

Any of our geek chic wedding rings (or other jewellery) can be laser engraved with either you favourite quote from the movie or TV show of your choice, or even you own message translated. Each piece of artwork is created especially for the individual customer at not extra cost. Some of our popular geek chic translations are as follows:

Aurebseh - from Star Wars

Gallifreyan - from Dr. Who

Klingon & Vulcan - from Star Trek

Elvish & Hobbit hand writing - from Lord of the rings


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