halo engagement Rings

Diamond set 'Halo' engagement rings are designs incorporating a larger central diamond surrounded by much smaller diamonds. The Halo surround usually consists of Round Brilliant cut diamonds but the main centre stone can be a Square Princess cut, an Asscher cut, a Marquise cut, a Round Brilliant cut, or any cut for that matter!

What really makes the difference between a well made & a badly made Halo design is the diamond setting. At RING jewellers we are lucky enough to have our own very skilled diamond setters working just a few yards away from the shop in central Brighton (in The Lanes). A badly set halo design will not do the stones justice. Often a lesser skilled diamond setter will use grains of metal that are too large to set the stones. This will bury them slightly leaving too much diamond under the metal. A well set engagment ring should give the perfect balance of brightness to the stones & safety by keeping them secure for every day wear. Our local, Brighton diamond setters will ensure that all engagement rings we make are set to the highest standards.

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