emerald cut engagement rings

From the family of 'step cuts' the Emerald cut gives jewellery a stunning Art Deco feel. Emerald cuts are very similar to Baguette cut diamonds with the main difference

 being the addiotnal facets due to the chamfered corners. If your partner loves jewellery from the 1920's & 1930's then an Emerald cut diamond engagement ring is probably a great choice.

Emerald cut diamonds are usually cut with between 50 & 58 facets. One thing to note with Emerald & Asscher cut diamonds is that you can see into the diamond a lot easier than in many other cuts. This means they are quite unforgiving when it comes to the clarity. As inclusions can be spotted easier with the naked eye it is often advisable to choose a 'VS2' clarity or above. 

When our customers have chosen their Emerald cut diamond we then set about hand making the setting for the ring in our local, Brighton workshops. Just a few metres from the shop we have an extremely talented team of goldsmiths, diamond setters & wax carvers. This means we can keep a close eye on all of our bespoke engagement rings by checking their progress at every single stage.  

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