With this ring I thee PLOP!

I just thought I would share with you a funny story (although it probably wasn't at the time for the happy couple!). At RING jewellers we once designed & made a wedding ring for a lady who was also having her ring finger tattooed. The tattoo was to act as a permanent wedding band while the ring we made would be worn on top. The couple were having a fairy-tale wedding in a castle fit for a princess.....

Soon after the ceremony the bride was proudly showing off her stunning new wedding ring(s). Firstly, she exhibited the ring we made which glistened in the sunlight. Then she proceeded to show her new wedding band tattoo until suddenly - PLOP! The wedding ring we can designed & made dropped into the moat of the castle! The couple were so devastated the venue even arranged for scuba divers to look for the ring but to no avail.

This left the couple with a very awkward call to their insurance company. "We would like to make a claim for our lost wedding ring". "OK, how long have you owned your wedding ring?".  "Less than 24 hours". There was a happy ending though. The insurance company realized the story was a little to bizarre to invent so they did the honorable thing & paid out & RING jewellers made a replacement.

What's the moral of the story.....always insure your jewellery because you never know how & when you may loose it!

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