What are promise rings? Are promise rings for women or can men wear promise rings too?

Promise rings are something that I am getting asked about more & more frequently. "But, what are they?" I hear you cry. Well, promise rings are a kind of pre-engagement ring. You present your partner with one if you are committing to a long term relationship but may not want to do the whole "Will you marry me?" proposal thing.

princess cut promise or engagement ring

So what do promise rings look like? As it is the symbolism that makes a ring a promise ring there is no set design for them. When a man receives one it will often look like a wedding ring. Then, when the couple do eventually get married he want to modify it by adding a grooved detail or a gem stone. Or, more commonly, the ring is removed & is replaced by a wedding ring.

gents promise or wedding ring

As couples are often quite young when they give & receive promise rings my advice would be to not go crazy with your budget. You want to give your partner a stunning piece of jewellery as a promise ring but do bear in mind there is often an engagement ring, wedding ring & eternity ring to come! It may be best to make it special by personalizing it. for example you could get your promise rings engraved. This gives a nice touch without blowing the budget.

promise ring or wedding ring engraved & stone set inside

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