What are Blue Diamonds?

Many people think of diamonds as white but they actually come in a wide range of colours including blue. When you see a blue diamond in an item of jewellery it will be either 'natural' or heat treated under immense pressure. Both types look stunning but the former can cost tens of thousands (literally!) for a realtively small diamond. Below is a blue & white diamond halo cluster ring from RING jewellers.

blue & white diamond halo cluster ring

So what makes a diamond blue? Well, in a natural diamond it is when there is a trace of the element Boron whilst there is a low amount of Nitrogen present when the stone if formed. In treated diamonds the stones are usually heated under a great deal of pressure.

Where are blue diamonds mined? Blue diamonds can be mined in a range of locations, with most being found in The Argyle mine (Australia) & the Cullinan mine (South Africa). They have also been discovered in the Goloconda mine (in India). 

Below is an emerald cut blue diamond engagement ring with a fitted blue diamond wedding ring from RING jewellers. When the wedding ring is placed alongside the gents band a heart is formed!

emerald cut blue diamond engagement ring with fitted blue diamond wedding ring

Famous blue diamonds: 

The Heart of Eternity is a diamond weighing 27.64ct & was graded "Fancy Vivid Blue" by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The Heart of Eternity was owned by the Steinmetz Group before selling it to the De Beers Group.heart of eternity blue diamond

The Hope Diamond, AKA "the King's Jewel", "the Blue of France" & "the Tavernier Blue", weighs 45.52ct. It is currently situated in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington, D.C.

the hope diamond

The Eye of the Idol AKA "The Nassak Diamond" weighs 43.38 carats. It started life as a larger diamond though. It was unearthed in the 15th century in India at the Amaragiri mine located in Mahbubnagar, Telangana. Originally cut in India, the Eye of the Idol was the adornment in the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in the state of Maharashtra. here it sat from at least 1500 to 1817. The British East India company purchased the diamond through the Third Anglo-Maratha War and sold it to British jewellers Rundell and Bridge in 1818.Rundell and Bridge then recut the diamond in 1818 after which it made its way into the handle of the 1st Marquess of Westminster's dress sword.

the eye of the idol diamond

The Tereshchenko diamond AKA "Tereschenko blue", weighs 42.92ct diamond. It is a pear cut blue diamond. The diamond is believed to originate from India. Originally owned by the Russian Tereshchenko family, the diamond was taken out of Russia in 1916 and held privately before being purchased at a 1984 auction in Geneva by Robert Mouawad for what was, at the time, a record price.

the tereshchenko diamond

At RING jewellers we can soruce both natural & heat treated blue diamonds. We can then design & make a piece of jewellery fitting to the beauty of the stone.

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