Wedding rings with engraving & detail but no diamonds

Many ladies find it hard to strike the perfect balance of a wedding ring design that both compliments their engagement ring whilst not looking lost if it is ever it is worn on its own. The obvious first thought is to add some diamonds. This often works nicely but some people find that as diamonds are so fiery they are a little overpowering for the wedding ring. What many people overlook is wedding ring engraving & texturing that adds detail without too much sparkle (yes there can be such a thing as too much sparkle ladies). Below are a few examples of ladies wedding rings with engravings, mligrain beading & laser engravings:

 18ct gold wedding ring with 3 row milgrain detail

Platinum wedding ring with sphere detailing

18ct Rose gold, Palladium, 18ct yellow gold & Platinum laser engraved ‘rose’ & ‘vine’ rings

Palladium wedding ring with 3 row milgrain detail

All of the above rings are available form RING jewellers, Brighton

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