Types of diamond setting in eternity & wedding rings

Different types fo diamond setting can absolutely transform the look of a wedding ring or eternity ring. Two rings in the same width & with the size of diamonds can look entirely different just depending on the technique diamond setter has used to secure the gemstones. Below are a few examples of ring we have made at RING jewellers....

Firstly 'Channel set' rings. These are made by cutting a groove or 'channel' into the ring & pushing metal over 2 sides of the diamonds (or coloured stones):

channel set princess cut full eternity ring 

blue & white channel set diamond band

Next the 'thread & grain' style of diamond setting. Here small grains are formed by pushing sharp tools into the metal. These grains are then used to secure the stones. The thread refers to the narrow, plain, border of metal that is left around the stones:

thread & grain diamond set twist wedding ring

A 'pa've milgrain' setting uses small grains as described in the thread & grain setting above to hold the diamonds in. In addition to this though, a tool that creates beaded edge to make the metal catch the light is also used. This edging is called a 'milgrain':

pink sapphire & diamond eternity ring in a pve milgrain setting

sapphire & diamond ring with matching band in a pave milgrain setting

'Flush set' diamond set bands set the stones individually spaced rather than almost touching like most of the other styles of diamond setting. There is never any adhesive used instead just a tiny lip of metal keeping the stone clamped into the wedding or eternity ring:

flush set baguette & round cut diamond band

baguette cut flush set platinum band

'Rubover set' stones are more commonly seen on larger stones like diamond engagement rings. This style also looks stunning on eternity & wedding rings though despite it being used less frequently (the second of these 2 runober set ring examples also incorporates the milgrain detail mentioned in the pa've milgrain setting above):

rubover set 18ct yellow gold diamond band  

baguette & round cut millgrain rubover ring in 18ct rose gold

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