Titanium wedding & commitment rings

What is titanium & why use it for wedding bands? Titanium is an element that, due to its strength, was named after the Titans of Greek mythology. Although not a precious, it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. This means that although titanium is extremely light weight it is incredibly strong. This makes it ideal for jewellery because the wearer can get used to it very quickly & will find it hard to damage.

textured titanium wedding bands

So who buys titanium wedding rings? Well almost anybody but in my experience titanium is particularly popular with the 'reluctant' wedding band recipient. Many men for instance are not into jewellery & have a very manual job (builder, plumber, electrician etc.) Although these sorts of customer's appreciate the symbolism of a wedding ring they often do not see the point in spending £100's or even £1000's of pounds on a band that will get ruined at work. This is where titanium really comes into its own.

anodised blue & yellow titanium bands

Titanium is slightly darker than the traditional white precious metals. It has a grey hue which can be darkened further by applying a satin finish (also referred to as 'brushed' or 'matt'). If a plain titanium wedding band is a little too simple for the customer's taste it can also be detailed with inlays of other metals & or gem stones. Platinum inlays for example are very subtle because the colour is only slightly lighter than that of titanium. For more titanium ring designs see our dedicated page:


titanium platinum & diamond bands (satin & polished finish)

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