Titanium myths – busted!

Titanium myths – busted! 

At RING jewellers we are often asked questions about Titanium wedding rings. These questions usually come about because other jewellery shops have scared customer to bits with false claims about Titanium! This blog will hopefully put any fears customer may have about Titanium into perspective.

You cannot cut Titanium wedding rings off if you have an accident

Many shops will say no but this is a myth! There are 2 options. 1) Either Titanium grows in the earth in the shape of ready-to-wear wedding rings (perhaps harvested by Hobbits?). Or 2) You have to be able to cut it to make the wedding ring from in the first place! In the shop we have cut titanium wedding rings customers several times with nothing more than a steel cutting tool. A while ago a man broke his knuckle playing cricket, his finger was swollen so we cut the Titanium ring off his hand in about 3 minutes. We have, on the other hand, had customers who have bought a Titanium ring from us that saved their finger from being crushed in an accident. We have never had anyone who has come to any harm from wearing a titanium ring.

Below is a customer's ring brought in to us for repair after a huge pallet of timber fell on his hand. The ring saved his finger. We were also able to make the ring round again & repair it with the only evidence of the damage being the remnants of a deep scratch. 

You cannot resize a Titanium ring?

Again most jewellery shops will say no but you definitely can & here’s proof! This video is me resizing a Titanium wedding band in the shop:

Just as a disclaimer I’m afraid we only resize rings that we have made because our workshops are a little busy with bespoke commissions to take on repairs & sizings.

You cannot engrave Titanium rings

To be honest hand-engravers hate working in Titanium because it blunts their tools. This does not mean Titanium cannot be engraved. All you need is a machine engraver or a laser engraver. 

Below is a square Titanium ring we made that was laser engraved with family fingerprints:

So the next time a jeweller tells you Titanium cannot be cut or sized ask yourself is that the truth, or would they rather you bought the Platinum version of the ring & spent an extra £1000? Hmmmmm, I wonder???

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