The Lanes in Brighton. Home to RING jewellers

No doubt many of you will have been to Brighton & may have even taken a walk through 'The Lanes'. Well, even if you have you may not know a great deal about the area.....

The Lanes were originally part of a fishing village. The narrow, streets & alley ways (or 'twittens' to give them their local name) were the homes to the men that earned their living from fishing them there seas me hearty.

In the late 18th century the The Architecture in The Lanes increased substantially after the positive press the local sea water received. This was thanks to a Dr. Richard Russell. He claimed the health benefits of the water were amazing so everybody wanted to either visit or live in the area.

Another thing that really put Brighton on the map was the Prince Regent settling in the area. He developed the stunning Royal Pavilion making it his home which is literally a 3 minute walk from Meeting House Lane where RING jewellers is located.

Nowadays people still flock to the area in their thousands but it's for the extremely high quality jewellery made at RING jewellers rather than for the sea water ;) Most of the time when you see photos of Brighton they are either of the Beach, Pier or Pavillion. To try & make a change here are a few of my more alternative snaps of the area:

fiddler on the washing line the lanes brighton

anish kapoor sculpture in the pavillion gardens at the brighton festival

north laine grafitti in brighton

crow at the south downs brighton

under cliff walk at brighton marina

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