Salt & pepper Diamond engagement rings

The Unique Beauty of Salt & Pepper Diamond Rings

When you are purchasing an engagement ring for that special someone in your life, it is only natural that you want one that is as unique and stunning as he or she is. Many people who are buying an engagement ring simply opt for traditional diamond engagement rings, which admittedly are beautiful and timeless. However, if you want something that is just a little different and just as gorgeous, a salt & pepper diamond engagement ring could be a perfect choice.

So, what are salt & pepper diamond engagement rings and what makes them stand out from the crowd? Well, these stones are named after the inclusions that are found within them. These gems have both white and black inclusions, which gives them a unique grey hue and gives them the name ‘salt & pepper diamonds.’ The diamonds, although different in appearance, they have the same physical makeup as regular diamonds. 

Formed more than 150 kilometres below the surface of the Earth, diamonds are created as a result of carbon atoms that combine under high temperatures. However, sometimes, other minerals get trapped inside as the diamonds are forming, and this then results in specks of additional colour being present in the stone.  

Creating a Striking Finish for Your Engagement Ring

One of the great things about these diamonds is that they can create a really striking finish that is eye-catching and unusual. This makes them a great choice for an engagement ring, as it enables you to give your loved one something a little different and special. As with other diamonds, you can choose from a range of shapes and sizes with these diamonds, so creating the perfect bespoke engagement ring won’t be a problem.

The colouration of these diamonds also makes them a great choice for many types of precious metal. The grey hue can look especially stunning when it is set into a white gold or platinum band, as the beautiful mirror sheen of the metal will complement the salt & pepper diamond perfectly. Getting a salt & pepper diamond engagement ring that is handmade and beautifully crafted by experts will ensure that your partner gets an item of jewellery that she can treasure for the rest of her life. 

In addition to choosing the right precious metal for your salt & pepper diamond engagement ring, it is also worth noting that these diamonds offer unique benefits. For instance, you can get diamonds that are eye-catching and sparkling or you can get ones that have a cloudy finish. You can also get ones where the formation of the minerals gives them a truly unique design inside the diamond. The lower cost of salt & pepper diamonds compared to white diamonds also makes them an affordable option and means you can go for a bigger stone should you wish. 

A Great Choice for Elegance and Beauty

If you are keen to give your partner a diamond engagement ring that is elegant and beautiful, this is an ideal option. Many people are taken back by the beauty and uniqueness of salt & pepper diamonds, so they are definitely worth considering if you plan to pop the question with the perfect engagement ring. 

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