Remodelling jewellery. Before & after examples. PART 9 Resetting damaged jewellery.

In Part 9 of our jewellery remodelling 'before & after' blogs we take a look at jewellery that was reset due to it being badly worn & damaged. Many of our customers had numerous problems their jewellery (that wasn't bought from us!). This could be stones coming loose (or worse still falling out!) from rings. Other times, is was just a case of catching a piece before it had a chance to lose stones. This is often an inherited piece that was 'well worn' by the previous owner.

Customers ring was a very unsafe but unfortunately quite common style of setting where the square, princess cut Diamonds are cut so they slot together. There is no metal in between the stones to keep them safe & they instead rely on tension. This means that when one stone moves, they all move. This usually results in stones coming out which is almost impossible to repair successfully. We made a ring & matching earrings in much safe 'channel set' designs. Customer supplied Diamonds. RING jewellers supplied Palladium for the finished pieces.

This was an inherited ring that had been worn up against a wedding ring that was not made to fit it. The result was extensive wear to the sides of the setting & shank. The shank had also split at the back. Customer supplied Diamond. RING jewellers supplied Platinum for the finished ring.


Another illusion/tension set ring with a missing stone. We remade the ring into a new Art Deco style channel & grain set design. Customer supplied Diamonds. RING jewellers supplied the Palladium for the finished ring. 

18ct yellow gold Diamond engagement ring remodelled into Platinum versions. The customer had repeated problems with stones coming out of their eternity ring. We remade the ring in a stronger design & the customer also used this as an excuse for a white metal (Platinum) makeover! Customer supplied Diamonds. RING jewellers supplied Platinum for finished rings. 

Customer had a white gold engagement ring & Diamond set wedding ring. They did not like the constant maintenance of paying to re-plate their white gold. This is something most jewellers do to make yellowy coloured white gold look whiter but it is very misleading (at RING jewellers we do not plate our white gold). The hollow & thin shanks to the rings also meant that they were constantly bending out of shape. We remade the rings in designs very similar to the originals but far stronger, & in a naturally white metal. Customer supplied Diamonds. RING jewellers supplied Palladium for the finished rings.