Remodelling diamond ring examples. Before & after photos - PART 1

We have been very busy in our workshops remodelling diamond jewellery for our customers. You may have seen our previous blog about jewellery remodelling (if you did not not the link is at the bottom of this post). This will let you know a bit more about the process of restyling jewellery & why it is extremely practical for both sentimental & financial reasons. Why sell your old jewellery to a 2nd hand jewellery shop who will probably pay you a next-to-nothing scrap value when you can do this.....

Discoloured white gold diamond solitaire restyled into a platinum & diamond halo cluster ring. Customer supplied centre stone & used white gold setting as part exchange. RING supplied small diamonds & Platinum.


Yellow gold carved 3 stone dimaond ring remodelled into a contemporary rubove set 3 stone in 18ct rose gold with a palladium setting. Customer supplied diamonds RING supplied the rose gold & palladium. Old gold setting was used as part payment:

Feather 'S' ruby ring redesigned into a classic, channel set ruby 1/2 eternity ring. Customer supplied both the gold & the rubies: 

2 yellow gold diamond rings remodelled into a palladium 5 stone milrgrain set diamond ring. Customer supplied 6 diamonds (one was returned to the customer for use at a later date). RING supplied the palladium. The old gold settings were used as part payment:

Various broken jewellery restyled into rubover set multicoloured gold strand ring. Customer supplied both the gold & the gemstones:

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For questions about jewellery remodelling call: 01273 773 544 or check out some more designs here:

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