Reasons to reset your diamond rings

Reasons to reset your diamond ring. 

Ever thought about jewellery remodelling? Worried it might be expensive? This article should put your mind at rest. If you choose the right jewellers then remodelling a diamond ring can breathe new life into a out dated piece whilst keeping the sentiment of a family heirloom & saving you money at the same time. 


You might have received or inherited an old ring that belonged to a person that is very dear to you. Although it’s a precious gift you want to wear, it may be an old and worn-down model that you don’t like. Or it might not fit your finger at all. So, what will you do? 

You might think that the only options available are to sell your diamond ring or just keep it as just a souvenir. But, there is something else you can do, and that is reset your diamond ring. There are many advantages of resetting a ring, but here are just a few reasons why you should definitely consider resetting your diamond ring.   

1. Selling your ring will leave you out of pocket, in a big way! 

Second-hand jewellers usually offer between a quarter & a third of the original price of the diamond ring, which causes you to lose a great amount of money. If you sell a ring to buy a new one as a momentum of a big occasion you are effectively downgrading your jewellery. Resetting your diamond ring can be a great way of keeping something dear to you without losing its value. 

2. At old fashioned design can easily be updated 

Although tradition should be cherished, maybe the ring you’ve been given wasn’t quite the modern style you would buy from a jewellery store. Resetting a stone can also mean remodelling your ring. In other words you can change the whole design rather than something simple like changing a yellow gold ring to Platinum. This way you will keep the sentimental value it carries while also be able to wear it every day and remember the dear person you received it from.   


3. Keeping the value of you ring &/or Diamonds 

The good thing about resetting a ring is that its insurance value remains. Although you will have to pay for the remodelling, the insurance value of the ring will not drop, in fact it usually increases. You won’t end up with a ring of a lesser value than before, which would be the case if you decided to sell it. For example, if you have a ring worth £1000 and decide to sell it, you can never get the true value of it. second hand jewellers would usually only pay you £250-£330 for a ring worth £100. If you remodel it, your ring will still be worth £1000, if not more.  

4. Improves the quality 

Your old ring might have some problems such as the main Diamond coming lose, or even falling out, the smaller diamonds getting lost, or you just might have damaged it in another way. Whether the reason is that it’s badly made, or it hasn’t survived the test of time, resetting the ring will make your jewellery as good as newYou can also use the opportunity to create a ring not only with a better design than before but also with better quality.   

5. It’s a more affordable option than buying a new ring 

If you’re planning a trip away to propose & have recently moved in together you might be on a tight budget. Engagement rings can cost quite a bit so by resetting a diamond ring you will not only save money, but you will also have an engagement ring with an emotional value.

6. Re-purpose a family heirloom for more than one member of the next generation

Resetting it doesn’t only mean making a similar piece again. You can also re-purpose a diamond ring into multiple jewellery pieces. A diamond 3 stone ring for instance, can become 3 solitaire rings, or a pair of earrings & a pendant.

Resetting rings & other jewellery has become increasingly popular with the Victorian style falling from favour. Although many antique styles like the Art Deco period are still a popular as ever, many jewellery styles now seem a little old fashioned. You might choose to reset your ring for this, or a different reason, but no matter what it is preserving the ring’s sentimental value is what’s most important for anyone.

If you would like toreset your diamond ring RING jewellers have a talented set of goldsmiths & Diamond setters that can turn any old diamond ring into a piece of art. You can take a look at some of out previous remodelling projects here: jewellery remodelling.

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