Pretty in pink - diamonds that is!

The BBC had an interesting feature on pink diamonds this week. Click here to see the video:

If you watched the BBC video you will appreciate how rare pink diamonds are. The pink colouration is due to a deformation during crystal growth. This variation in colour makes natural pink diamonds incredibly rare indeed. In fact just less than 2% of natural diamonds are pink.

Earlier this year the largest ever pink diamond which was discovered. Here's the news article if you want to read more about: it

Now, at a slightly smaller 0.49ct, here is RING jewellers very own natural, pink diamond:

natural pink diamond ring

It is a natural, laboratory certificated 0.49ct, fancy, orangy pink diamond. With fancy coloured diamonds the second colour is the prominent one. This means our diamond is predominantly pink with an orange hue. Each shoulder of the ring is set with a 0.20ct round, brilliant cut diamond that is the perfect grade ('D' colour & 'IF' or 'Flawless' clarity).

With the Argyle mine in Australia (mining around 90% of natural pink diamonds) having a drastically depleted source, it seems pink diamonds are fast becoming much rarer & expensive!

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