Most unusual jewellery commissions of 2015 – part 2

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far a...Gallifrey?! Star Wars and Dr. Who wedding rings

It’s great to know in these understanding times, love triumphs over adversity. Just a few years ago, this couple could never have tied the knot. A Star Wars fan marrying a Dr. Who fan?!

For him, we made an anodised titanium wedding ring engraved in Aurebesh (the language seen in Star Wars on space ships and droids). For her, the Dr. Who equivalent of Gallifreyan engraved on the outside. Both messages were personalised, provided in English and translated by us!

Both rings were given a satin (matte) finish. The results were out of this world!

Together forever: longitude and latitude two piece keyring

A customer came into the shop and explained that he and his partner are often separated by thousands of miles, due to their jobs. He wanted something to remind them of each other even when they were far apart.

His idea was a solid silver keyring split into two. He could keep one half, while his partner kept the other. The lady's section was flush set with a square cut blue sapphire, and both sections were engraved with the latitude and longitude of a place that was special to both of them; linking them together forever.

Pleased in a pod: 'Pod' diamond engagement ring

Most diamond engagement rings are quite similar: no lady would want their precious ring to look dated. But then people find they end up with a very similar design to all of their friends. It's rare for someone to be brave with their engagement ring design, whilst still creating something that looks both beautiful and timeless. This customer did just that (with a little help from RING jewellers!)

He knew his girlfriend likes organic shapes, and the traditional engagement ring style wouldn't fit the bill. A 0.80ct round, brilliant cut diamond was chosen to sit better with curves than a square princess or rectangular emerald cut.

For the setting, a half rubover was chosen to avoid fiddly claws spoiling the flow of the design. This keeps the stone looking more integral to the ring, whilst still giving a lovely side view of the diamond and allowing light to hit the stone.

The customer wanted the setting to feel seamless to the shank of the ring, so he chose a design of little pod shaped sections going around the ring, with a larger pod at the front encasing the diamond. It just goes to show that being brave with your design can really pay off!

Fits like a glove: diamond set fitted wedding ring

Many customers with unusual shaped engagement rings find it hard to get a wedding ring to fit nicely alongside it. At RING jewellers we specialise in hand-fitted, bespoke wedding rings made to fit the individual engagement ring.

For one customer though, the idea of any wedding ring sitting next to her crossover diamond ring just didn't feel right, even if it was nicely fitted. She loved her engagement ring and felt it would be unbalanced by any wedding ring beside it.

To get around her not wanting anything on one side of her crossover ring, we created a wedding ring that started on one side of the engagement wrapping, over it as it got to the back and coming out the other side. The result was a perfectly balanced diamond wedding ring.

Marry me? Gents laser engraved titanium bangle

This bangle was commissioned by a lady who wanted to propose to her boyfriend in 2016 – traditionally women are permitted to propose on a leap year. The piece is a great example of the detail we can achieve with laser engraving – traditional engraving techniques wouldn't look anywhere near as crisp.

The lady's fingerprints are engraved on the ends of the bangle, with a series of special symbols around the outside – each one very special to the couple. Here's what they mean, in the customer's own words:

“The gate was the place that we both confessed the feelings we'd harboured for each other for years. The duomo is somewhere Joe dreamt we would go together, before the conversation at the gate, and where we will go one day. The stars relate to how Joe described my “brightness” and also a line from an Ed Sheeran song that is special to us. St. Cuthbert's cross relates to Joe's philosophy and faith and a safe and secure time we spent in Durham. The notes are from Bach's B Minor Mass that we heard the best choir in the world perform on the night I proposed to Joe. And the bridge is a famous one in Lucerne, Switzerland, where I proposed to Joe.”

Inside was the special message and big question: “My magnificent Joe, will you marry me?”

He said yes!

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