Living on the edge!

Gem set jewellery, whether it's with diamonds or coloured stones, can look stunning. What if you love the idea of gem stones though, but you want something a little more subtle? Why not live life on the edge.....

An option that doesn't always spring to mind is setting stones into the wall thickness of a ring. I often find when this feature is offered to one of my clients, or they request it, their partner usually says something like "what's the point you can't even see them?" This is an understandable reaction but when you actually see a ring that is set like this then the reality is very different. Rings with diamonds, rubies, sapphires (or many other stones) set into the wall look stunning! There is no doubt that is adds quite a subtle detail but the stones stand out far more than most people anticipate.

platinum ring channel set diamonds in wall

rubies channel set into wall thickness

diamond set 'cone' titanium band

Another way diamonds set into a wall can be used is to simply add more 'bling'. Rather than the subtle version mentioned above this feature can also be used to add extra sparkle to a ring that is already set in the more conventional way. Especially when a pave or grain setting in used (in this setting style the metal is detailed to catch the light instead of just the diamonds). The rose gold & diamond set band below (pictured with a quartz engagement ring) is a great example of this. It is diamond set on 3 sides the top & both walls.

rose gold diamond band set on 3 sides

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