Ladies Shaped, Fitted Wedding Rings

Shopping for a wedding ring to accompany an engagement ring is not always as easy as it sounds. It becomes even more challenging when trying to match a uniquely shaped or vintage engagement ring.

Many engagement rings are what is known as ‘crossover’ designs (they have a curved shank), and would definitely benefit from having a shaped wedding ring made to pair with it. It is always possible to find the perfect ring, and it all comes down to getting an appropriately shaped and fitted wedding ring. The best way to do this is by choosing a bespoke, fitted & shaped wedding band.

Even if an engagement ring is not a crossover though, it only takes the Diamond, or its setting, to protrude even slightly wider than the shank to create a gap against a wedding ring. This means more often than not, an engagement ring needs a wedding ring especially made to go alongside it.

Shaped and Fitted Wedding Rings Look Much Better

Everyone wants a great looking and unique wedding ring that they can show off. The answer lies in getting shaped and fitted wedding rings which look much better than off-the-peg wedding rings. When you have more control over how your wedding ring looks, you will undoubtedly make sure that it stands out from the rest.

Shaped and Fitted Rings Allow You To Customize Your Wedding Ring

When you go for a fitted and shaped wedding ring, it means that you can get it in in a metal that matches your engagement ring. Many wedding ring designs only come in one profile. By going for a shaping service allows you can match the shape of your engagement ring.

If you have a vintage engagement ring, a bespoke fitted wedding ring can be made in a way that picks out details of the engagement ring which will prevent the wedding ring from clashing with it.

One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Ring

When you go for a bespoke wedding ring, you can literally choose your perfect ring. Also, it is the best way to match an engagement ring with a wedding ring for a seamless and eye-catching look. 

It means choosing every detail of the ring knowing that you are creating a genuine one-off made to order. Also, most shaped rings are hand-crafted giving them that exquisitely unique aspect.

Affordable and Unique Wedding Ring

Most couples have the perception that shaping and fitting services are costly. Much to the contrary, these services are negligible factoring in the benefit of getting the wedding ring you envisioned and want to keep for a lifetime.

At RING jewellers in fact we do not charge extra for a bespoke wedding ring. This means if you were to see a design already made in our windows, it would cost exactly the same as you have been quoted. We specialise in bespoke jewellery so making a one-off wedding band is not an inconvenience for us. It is instead our passion!

Protects The Engagement Ring From Wear and Damage

One of the other most crucial reasons why you need a fitted wedding ring is to protect the engagement ring from wear and damage.

A fitted wedding ring follows the protrusions and swerves of the engagement ring to eliminate gaps. The result is a more aesthetic look and comfortable fit which limits movement and reduces friction & wear between the two rings. 

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