Jewellery Remodelling You Tube Video - from RING jewellers

This video gives a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of jewellery remodelling at RING jewellers local Brighton workshops CLICK TO SEE THE: Jewellery Remodelling Youtube Video

melting gold

The video starts by showing the ring that the customer had inherited, but did not wear because it was not to their taste. Then it shows the removal of the gemstones (rubies in this case).

Next the exciting bit, the goldsmith cuts up & melts the gold! As the gold magically melts before your eyes the impurities rise to the surface of the nugget. The nugget is tapped with a hammer to remove the surface impurities. Flux is then added to help the melting process & the gold is reheated.

Next the milling machine is used. This process gradually makes the oval nugget of gold into the more usable shape of gold wire. To avoid a crease forming in the gold wire it is reheated in between milling out.

Then the gold wire is bent round to form a rough ring shape. After it has been made round the wire is cut to neaten the end & is then soldered. After soldering the ring is filed & papered ready for a rough polish (not a final polish because the ring still has to be set).

One stage that is not in this video is the drilling, piercing & setting of the rubies in a channel setting. This was not shown simply because it would have made the video too long but watch this space for a setting video!

Finally the video shows the before & after transformation of the ring. From an unusual textured, feather design with an ruby set 'S' into a classic channel set ruby 1/2 eternity style ring.

All of the processes were carried out more times than is shown, not to mention a little slower! We hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into the world of jewellery remodelling.

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