Jewellery remodelling project - ruby, diamond rings & gold dog tag transformed!

Some of our previous blog posts have featured 'before & after' photos of jewellery remodelling projects that we have undertaken for various customers. In this post though, we thought we would give you a more in depth behind the scenes look at the various stages of an upcycling commission.

In the photo above you can see, in the first picture, the jewellery the customer brought into us to get remodelled. This consisited of a gold dog tag with a letter 'S' engraved, 2 ruby rings & a diamond 3 stone crossover ring.

The 2nd photos shows the gold form all the items after it was melted (the stones were removed first!).

Next you can see a spring like shape. This was created by 'drawing' the melted gold into wire. This is done with a milling machine which looks a bit like an old mangle!

In the 4th pic the wire has been shaped into the correct form & the white gold section has been soldered on. This will give a neautral background for where the diamonds are going to be set.

The next stage shows tiny pieces of gold tube attached to the  spring shape. These have been especially made to fit the rubies. The backs of the tubes have been grooved to fit over the wire. This increases the surface area for the solder to attach them for a stronger join. You will note one ruby was not used becuase the stone had been broken a few years ago. We only used the gold from this ring.

The last 2 images show the finished ring with the pave set diamonds, rubover set rubies & brightly polished gold!

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