Jewellery remodelling

Many people make the mistake of selling unwanted or inherited jewellery if it is not to their taste. The problem with this is the way 2nd hand jewellery shops buy in jewellery. They base almost everything on a scrap metal price adding only a small amount on for gem stones even if they are of a good quality. This means the public get a fraction of what the jewellery is worth. To keep the value of an item of jewellery the best way is to have it remodelled.

Below is an example of a 3 stone diamond ring that a customer of RING jewellers had. She was not keen on the setting so we remodeled it for her. The photo below shows the ring as it was, the various stages of remodeling & the final transformed diamond ring.

3 stone remodel

The jewellery being remodeled can also change it's function. Below is an example of a piece that started life as a diamond ring but ended up as a pendant. The customer supplied the large, central, marquise cut diamond & we supplied the small, surrounding round diamonds.

marquise solitaire ring remodel

If you have any questions about remodeling jewellery feel free to use the contact us form on this website. Or give us a call: 01273 773 544.

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