I want a diamond engagement ring that's a bit different to the one all of my friends have!

Every woman that is lucky enough to be the recipient of a diamond engagement ring has a dilemma..... on one hand they don't want a design that all of their friends have, but on the other hand they don't want something that's different for the sake of being different. If the design is too unusual or 'wacky' then sure nobody else will have one, but how will it look in 10 or 20 years time? Will it date? Or, at the risk of sounding like Gok Wan, will it look 'so typically 2012 when everyone was wearing those'.

One way of adding an unusual touch to a diamond solitaire engagement ring is to simply choose a different cut of diamond. This way the overall design of the ring can be classic & will never date. The unusual cut of diamond will be a talking point though & not something you will see every where. Pictured below are 2 examples of slightly more unusual cuts. These aren't so ridiculously rare that you will never find one, but you don't see shop window flooded with them. At RING jewellers we always try to have at least a few in stock. These cuts are the 'Asscher' cut & the 'Radiant' cut.

radiant & asscher diamond diagrams

The radiant cut diamond has the outline of the more common 'Emerald' cut diamond but the difference is on the underside of the stone. The Radiant cut has far more facets underneath giving more light refraction (sparkle!)

radiant cut solitaire

The Asscher cut diamond is slightly different. This has the facets cut in a very similar way to the Emerald cut diamond but the Asscher ends up square (with cut corners) instead of rectangular. Although the Asscher cut is not as fiery as the Radiant cut it does give a real art deco feel to a piece of jewellery. You can see through to the base of an Assher cut a little easier & as you see the stepped facets of the underneath beautiful geometrical patterns are formed.

asscher cut diamond solitaire

The Asscher cut also looks great when surrounded by small round cut diamonds (see below).

asscher cut diamond cluster with round surround

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