Halo rings in jewellery remodelling

Firstly what are halo rings? Well they are simply one large stone (this could be a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, or whatever gemstone you prefer) surrounded by a border of tiny diamonds. As well as being stunning rings to buy straight from the window, or to have your own bespoke version commissioned, halo rings are now fast becoming a part of jewellery remodelling. Here's how.....

round diamond halo ring

Traditionally jewellery remodelling is carried out on jewellery that is inherited but is not to the new owners taste & style. Other times is was when jewellery had broken, or had missing gemstones. Nowadays though, there is a new trend when it comes to halo rings. at RING jewellers (in Brighton) we have noticed lots of our customers 'upgrading' their engagement rings. Often when people get engaged they are relatively young &/or their careers are only just beginning. This means they are often on a tight budget when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. Jump forward a few years & these same people still love the sentiment & meaning behind their diamond engagement ring but they are now ready for a bit more 'bling'. This is where jewellery remodelling really comes into its own. There is no need to sell on your original diamond & sometimes we can even use whole, or part of the original gold or platinum setting! What the process involves is resetting your original diamond as the centre piece for a brand new halo design.

oval diamond halo ring

When it comes to buying diamond you get a lot more for your money if you purchase lots of small diamonds as opposed to the equivalent carat weight in just one big stone. This means when you are supplying the main, centre diamond & your jewellers is only supplying the halo of tiny diamonds the quote is a lot less than if it was the other way around. If ever a jeweller tells you it is not economical to supply your own diamond (in any design, not just halo rings) then quite frankly they are fibbing & are trying to sell you a big diamond - don't be fooled!

square princess cut halo ring

When we carry out jewellery remodelling (also known as jewellery upcycling, jewellery restyling, jewellery resetting) if we cannot use your existing precious metal setting we can make a financial allowance against it. This means you do not have to go for the same colour metal as you currently have. For example you may have an 18ct yellow gold diamond ring but would prefer a white metal like palladium or platinum.

asscher cut halo ring

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