Titanium Rings

Titanium is extremely light weight & yet incredibly strong. This makes it ideal for jewellery. It is named after the Titans of Greek mythology. In addition to titanium's strength another factor that has contributed to its meteoric rise in popularity in the jewellery world is its cost. Titanium is not classed as a precious metal so the consumer will pay more for the labour than for the metal itself. It is often just a easy to make a wide, chunky gents titanium ring as it is to make a delicate ladies one. This means unlike gold, silver, platinum & palladium a gents titanium wedding ring often does not cost any more than a ladies one. This can be a real bonus in these times of high precious metal prices.

'carve' & 'reel' titanium bands

diamond set titanium ring with 2 narrow off-set platinum inlays

Another unique property of titanium is its ability to change colour via the process of 'anodising'. Different anodising voltages can be used to create a range of colours. RING jewellery's workshops can anodise titanium to the following colours: blue, green, gold, bronze & purple. We can also enamel our titanium to create flush, black stripes & patterned inlays.

narrow, domed titanium 'rainbow' wave band

anodised blue & yellow bands

anodised blue 'loop' titanium ring

Titanium rings are not just for men though. At RING Jewellers we also make ladies titanium rings. Among the ring designs we can design & make engagement rings, wedding rings & dress rings.

titanium diamond engagement ring

green diamond titanium 'carve' rings

diamond set tianium 'dimple' ring

There are many myths about titanium. At RING Jewellers we hear numerous stories of other shops telling customers that it cannot be cut & if you hurt yourself you cannot be cut out of a titanium ring. This is because they are not used to working with it. At RING jewellers we use a grade that can be cut, drilled, sized & diamond set. As I tell clients that have been misinformed "if you cannot cut it how did we make all of these rings?". We can even cut a titanium ring off of a customer's finger in around 2 minutes with something about as high tech as a tin opener!

ring cutter

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