Geek Chic wedding rings & other jewellery

Purchasing wedding rings can often be a serious affair with the should be happy couples to be burdening themselves with the pressure of “I’ve got to wear this for the rest of my life”. Often it is better to take a lighter approach & go for a wedding ring that is personal to you. One that you will love, cherish & wear with pride. Some of the wedding ring commissions we make at RING jewellers are so personal they could be deemed a little ‘geeky’. This is a selection of the lighter side of bespoke jewellery with a few of our geek chic designs.....

Star Wars language Aurebesh wedding rings. Translation "I love you" & "I know"  -  Black Zirconium Darth Vader ring in death star ring box (sorry the photo is a bit on the dark side)

'I love you' & 'I know' platinum & titanium star wars rings

Dr. Who language Galafreyan cufflinks  -  Dr. Who langauge Galafreyan wedding rings

Dr. Who language Galafreyan cufflinksDr. Who langauge Galafreyan wedding rings

Lord of the Rings inspired wedding rings with Bilbo Baggins handwriting font & couples fingerprints

Legen of Zelda rings inspired wedding ring  -  "Nothing else matters" song lyric laser engraved across his & hers wedding rings

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