Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets

Thinking of your engagement & wedding ring as a 'set' is a tricky one. I meet many people that worry so much about the 2 rings being worn together that they are in danger of ending up with a real compromise. My advice is always to choose an engagement ring you love because any skilled jewellery designer can design a wedding ring to compliment it. This can be done on the day the engagement ring is purchased or, more commonly, at a later date.

3 stone diamond crossover engagement ring & wedding ring set

Why get a bespoke wedding band? There are a couple of really important reasons why purchasing a bespoke band is  good idea. The first & probably most important is it stops wear & tear on the engagement ring. If your stone setting protrudes even slightly wider than the shank (band that goes around the finger) it means this one small area will take the brunt of the wear when your new wedding band rubs against it. A bespoke wedding band, on the other hand, can be shaped to fit perfectly (see photo below)

emerald & round cut engagement ring with fitted diamond band

Another reason for getting a wedding band made is simply that it can often look a lot nicer than an 'off-the-peg' band. By picking a small detail from the engagement ring & incorporating it into you wedding ring, a stunning engagement & wedding ring set can be made. In the design below the customer & I considered the fact that in the engagement ring the central diamond is flanked by 2 rubies. We decided too many rubies in the band may detract from the main diamond so bearing this in mind we reversed the configuration in the wedding ring. This meant the small rubies in the band are flanked by diamonds. This unusual use of coloured gem stones, along with the fact that the engagement ring is a curved 'crossover' design, meant that the chances finding a ready made ring like this in a jewellery shop would be highly unlikely!

ruby & diamond engagement & wedding ring set

Lastly the metal choice is crucial. Precious metals have different strengths so usually you should choose the same metal for your wedding ring as you did for your engagement ring (the one exception is palladium & platinum as they wear the same). Sometimes the temptation is to buy a wedding ring in what ever metal the shop has in stock but this can be disastrous as one ring will eventually get badly damaged.

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