Bespoke cufflinks & key rings for Graham Norton

graham norton signed photo

Great news this week at RING jewellers.....a certain celebrity chat show host none other than Mr. Graham Norton found out about our bespoke cufflinks & key rings & commissioned quite a few sets for the team that work on his show.

Graham wanted something relevant to his show, so what design did I choose?

graham norton cufflinks & key ring

Well, on Graham's show there is a segment called the big red chair where members of the audience sit in the chair & tell a funny story. If Graham & his guests like the story the person can finish it & walk. If they get bored though, he pulls a lever & catapults the the chair backwards! This part of the show was the basis of my design. The left hand cufflink (& one side of the key ring) was the lever, whilst the right hand cuff (& other side of the key ring) showed somebody who had been flipped backwards!

graham norton thank you

We received this lovely thank you note from Graham & it seems the cufflinks & key rings were well received by all.

family photo cufflinks

The bespoke cufflinks we made for Graham Norton are available from our sister website They take one week to produce & can posted to you insured where ever you are in the world!

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