Art Deco jewellery & the Art Deco style

Art Deco jewellery & the Art Deco style

Dramatic, colourful, and bold are a few words that come to mind when it comes to describing Art Deco jewellery. Art Deco was an entire style that encompassed visual arts, architecture, and design. It was a refreshing new style that symbolized progression into a new age, as well as representative of luxury, glamour, and class. 

Art Deco was largely defined by its attempt to fuse functional everyday objects with an artistic touch. The style was also evident in building structures as well as in jewellery. Having emerged out of the early 1920’s, Art Deco jewellery was first introduced to the world during the World’s Fair in Paris in 1925. 

What made Art Deco so distinct was its unique style of merging design elements from ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, and Rome, with elements popular during the Industrial Era. Jewellers like René Lalique and Cartier began to design their pieces with set with coloured gemstones to stand out from diamond jewellery, which was incredibly popular at the time.

Jewellers like Cartier were incredibly innovative, and paved the way for Art Deco popularity by using more colorful gemstones like rubies, garnet, sapphires, and emeralds. There was also greater experimentation with enamels such as onyx, pearl, white gold, platinum, and lacquer.

Art Deco jewellery is known for playful, bright and sometimes contrasting colors. Pieces are known for their beautiful use of geometric patterns and incorporation of different materials. Many pieces follow a nature motif, animals and plants being popular imagery.

Symmetry was probably the most common motif, and has become one of the easily identifiable trademarks of the style. Gemstones were cut in very specific and planned shapes to bring a balanced elegance that the style so perfectly captured. The geometry of ‘step cut’ Diamonds like ‘Emerald cut’ & ‘Baguette cut’ typify the Art Deco style. 

While Art Deco jewellery has a very distinct feel and design of the 1920’s, the style is also incredibly popular today. Many major jewellery retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Jean Després (& RING jewellers!) proudly display Art Deco pieces today. 

The wonderful thing about Art Deco jewellery pieces is that their bold gemstones radiate both an old-time class as well as a modern-day freshness. Art Deco pieces are perfect for everyday wear or statement pieces for fancy evenings out.

You can take a look at some Art Deco style rings that RING jewellers have made in their Brighton workshop by clicking here.

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