RING remodelling series: Claire

Our passion lies in remodelling your precious jewels into bespoke pieces you love to wear.

When a customer puts their faith in us to turn their family heirlooms into their dream jewellery, we relish in the opportunity. Recently we were tasked by a client, Claire’s fiancé, Sam to create a dream engagement ring out of two rings that had been passed down through Claire’s family.

Finding the Right Jeweller 

After contacting several other jewellers in Brighton, Sam struggled to find anywhere confident enough to take on this remodelling job. Other companies had told Sam the job couldn’t be done, that the emerald would shatter upon removal.

Fortunately, Sam persevered, and we were able to succeed where others failed. He met with our owner, Stuart who couldn’t wait to take on the challenge. Stuart worked closely with Sam every step of the way to produce an engagement ring to suit his bride-to-be perfectly.

The Emerald Heirloom 

Claire told us the story of how she came to own the two rings that went on to make her and Sam’s engagement ring.

“So my great grandmother was really rather wealthy. She had so much jewellery that she had collected over the years. She called it her 'costume jewellery' although each piece was worth thousands. In amongst her costume jewellery was the emerald ring that would, decades later, become part of my beautiful engagement ring, care of yours truly!” Claire told us.

When Claire’s nanna and poppa were to be engaged themselves, her great grandmother told her nanna that she could choose one of her costume pieces. That beautiful diamond and emerald caught her nanna’s eye just as it would catch Claire’s years later, as this is the one she chose from all the others.

This stunning emerald ring went on to be passed down in Claire’s family - from her Great Grandmother, to nanna, to mother and eventually to her. Claire told us of how she’d greatly admired her nanna’s ring from when she was a child:

“She had a little china dish by the sink where she would place the ring when she did the washing up and I would sometimes slip the ring onto my skinny little infant fingers and pretend it was mine. Of course, it would simply slip off my finger but I loved to look at it.”

When Claire’s mother received the old Victorian-style ring, it didn’t get worn. By now the jewellery was dated and not quite to her taste. After much deliberation over what to do with the ring, Claire, her mother and her sister decided the best thing to do would be to have the stones removed. Claire would have the emerald that she had always loved, and her mum and sister could have the remaining 2 diamonds. That way they could each take a share of the beauty and have new rings made.

But still the ring remained in its box.

The Proposal 

When Sam decided to propose, he met with Claire’s mother to ask her permission. Claire’s mum gave him the ring she knew her daughter had always wanted, along with the ring Claire’s poppa had given her nanna on their ruby wedding anniversary. She said Sam could use the diamonds from that, along with the emerald.

It was at this point that we were lucky enough to become involved in the story. With Claire’s dream ring finished, Sam proposed to Claire.

“When Sam got down on one knee and opened the box, I wept with happiness. It was more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. So much better than the design I'd done myself. And then there was the knowledge that the emerald belonged to my family. Long before I came into the world. And hopefully it will continue to be, long after I leave this world.”

We also went on to design a matching fitted wedding band for Claire, who is now a happy newlywed. The couple have gone on to be some of our favourite, and most loyal customers.

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