Famous Jewellery from Fiction and Fantasy

A beautiful piece of jewellery has the power to take hold of our imaginations. This is why we love the opportunity to take your wildest fantasies and make them into reality.

Some particular pieces, however, tap even deeper into our fantasies. Here we’ve made a list of our favourite jewellery from the realms of fiction. If you’re a lover of film, folklore and literature, you’re bound to find some out-of-this-world inspiration here.

The One Ring

Possibly the most iconic piece of jewellery to hit the pages of 20th Century literature, J.R.R. Tolkien’s One Ring is central to the plots of both The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

Tolkien based the story of the magical ring on an ancient Norse legend, in which a cursed ring compels all who see it to try and steal it. In The Lord of the Rings, however, the engraved gold band was forged by a dark lord to help him gain power over all of Middle Earth.

Simple yet striking, the classic yellow gold ring is typically seen on a chain around Frodo’s neck, as when he places it on his finger, it renders him invisible! However you choose to wear yours, a customisable Lord of the Rings-inspired ring makes an ideal homage to the ring of power.

The Time Turner

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series will remember the intricate hourglass pendant that Hermione used in the third novel to travel through time.

While the character was originally entrusted with the magical device to help with her often-conflicting school timetable, it comes into its own when she uses it to rescue the book’s eponymous Prisoner of Azkaban.

With the time-travelling pendant playing a central role in this year’s hit play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, its concentric circle design and delicate engravings have inspired jewellery and timepieces alike.

The Mockingjay Pin

For fans of more modern fantasy fiction, the Mockingjay pin has graced the cover of each of the three Hunger Games novels, and has successfully brought brooches back into mainstream fashion.

The round gold pin, featuring a finely crafted design of a bird carrying an arrow in its beak, was initially worn by the trilogy’s heroine, Katniss, as a personal good luck charm. However, as Katniss rises to power, the brooch becomes a symbol of a whole movement.

The brooches’ designer notes the contrasting boldness and delicacy of the pin, stating that  "It is something vulnerable. It is a symbol of the main character, Katniss, who is tough and beautiful at the same time."

Holly Golightly’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Necklace

If your idea of glamour is more Manhattan than Middle Earth, there are few queens of the screen who can rival Audrey Hepburn.

Her Holly Golightly look has become the stuff of legend - and not least the multi-layered diamond and pearl necklace that she teams with oversized sunglasses and a danish pastry in the opening scene.

While cascading pearls and diamonds is far from an understated look, the overall monochrome effect radiates timeless class.

The Heart of the Ocean

For true romantics, fictional jewellery doesn’t get much more iconic than the fictional blue diamond worn by the heroine of the Titanic, Rose.

The diamond forms the outer narrative of the film, with an elderly Rose telling her tragic story to a treasure hunter who’s in search of the priceless jewel. The film also explains that the coloured stone was originally owned by Louis XVI, drawing comparison to the real-life blue Hope Diamond.

The pendant’s Edwardian-style design is a throwback to the glamour of the early 20th Century while the striking blue colour is a timeless inspiration.

If you’re looking to make story-book or silver screen inspiration into a one-of-a-kind reality, get in contact today to discuss your ideas.

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