Brighton’s Lanes, a hotspot for jewellers

Brighton’s Lanes have held a sense of romantic intrigue since their construction in the late 18th century. These days, their reputation as a hub for independent jewellers precedes them, attracting love-struck couples in search of that perfect piece to commemorate their future together. 

Each year, couples come to enjoy the collection of boutique jewellery stores that line the narrow lanes. Unlike many other towns, you won’t find the ubiquitous chain jewellery shops here, but instead can enjoy a full host of independent jewellers. 

We delve deeper into the magic of the South Lanes to discover how it became such a hotspot for boutique jewellers and antique bazaars. 

History of The Brighton Lanes

Once an important feature of the fishing town of Brighthelmstone, Brighton Lanes’ historic quarter is a captivating maze of alleyways, ‘twittens’ (Sussex dialect for narrow alley ways) and catcreeps. Situated just a few metres from the seafront, they were originally a small collection of fisherman's cottages and were built up and fully laid out in the late 18th century. 

Over the years, The Lanes have evolved. In the 1930s, this area was considered to be down trodden. It rose in popularity after the war and The Lanes now offer a fabulous array of independent jewellers, who make up 99% of The Lanes, nestled next to quirky boutiques and Brighton-born brands. 

The eclectic mix of small stores creates a unique hub that attracts tourists and helps keep the area extremely competitive, while retaining the character so many have grown to love. 

For our owner, Stuart Stanley, who's lived in Brighton since 1998, working in the Lanes is a real privilege, “I love the fact that most of the shops are independents,” he said, “There are some real characters in The Lanes and the diversity gives the whole area a lovely atmosphere. It stops The Lanes being like a soulless shopping mall”.  

Influenced by the spirit of the Lanes

Studies show the Lanes have been the most popular tourist attraction in Brighton since the 1970s, traversed by three quarters of all visitors to the town. From the early days, The Lanes were well-known for their array of jewellery shops and the current jewellers that line the alleys work hard to retain this important feature of the area.

We are very proud of our Brighton location and feel our position on Meeting House Lane has influenced the development of our brand and ethos. As a result, we have the pleasure of welcoming visitors from all over the world and have worked on a fantastic array of jewellery commissions.

RING jewellers is located at 21 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HB. When you’re next in Brighton why not come and say hello to Stuart and team, we will be more than happy to discuss any bespoke commission you have in mind.  

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