A typical bespoke jewellery commission

Whether they are looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or a special gift many people like the idea of commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery but are a little daunted by the process, so how does it work?

Q1. Do I have to know exactly what design I want?

A1. No, not at all. It is actually quite rare for a client to know what they want when they walk into a bespoke jewellers. Usually things start with quite a vague "well I know he/she likes _ _ _, & I know that they hate _ _ _" Never forget the dislikes are just as important as the likes!

Q2. So how do I get to the final decision?

A2. Well different jewellery shops work in different ways but at RING jewellers in Brighton we start by actually showing examples of everything we explain ie the difference between a round, brilliant cut diamond & a princess cut diamond. Or the difference between White Gold & Platinum. This same thing applies to gemstone sizes, grades, ring widths, stone settings & much, much more. This clear explanation along with sketches & on the spot quotes mean that customers can make informed decisions about each element of the jewellery commission without being overwhelmed.  

Q3. Is a bespoke jewellery commission a lot more expensive than buying a ring from a jewellers window?

A3. To be totally honest in many jewellery shops it is. At RING jewellers though we base our prices on the size & quality of our gemstones & also the metal type & weight of the finished piece of jewellery. We are so specialised in making bespoke jewellery that we know the most economical way to make each piece without compromising on quality. These savings are then passed on to our customers.

Q4. What if I like a ring that is way over budget?

A4. The great thing about jewellery is that the choice of metals, along with gemstone sizes & qualities mean that two very similar looking pieces of jewellery can vary by thousands of pounds - literally! A customer might see a diamond engagement ring made from Platinum set with a large diamond of an extremely high quality. An equivalent to this may be to make the ring from Palladium with a slightly smaller & lower grade stone. We would never recommend a diamond of a low grade because it would look terrible, but just a couple of colour shades different along with the change in metal could make a £4000 ring into a £1600 ring!

Q5. What if I don't like the finished piece?

A5. My best advice would be to check the small print of your receipt! Most bespoke jewellery shops do have some nasty little clauses that basically say you are committed to what you order no matter how it comes out. At RING jewellers though we have quite a unique guarantee. We state clearly that if a customer wants any changes to the final jewellery commission we will carry it our free of charge. This can range from a slight finger size alteration right up to a total remake. This is because we are confident in the quality of jewellery we produce. Also, we know if a customer has a change of mind we have a stunning piece for the window which someone else will buy on another day!

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