10 Amazing Facts About Metals Used in Jewellery - Silver

Sterling silver is a soft and malleable metal,  combining  92.5% silver with a small amount of copper. Silver is extremely popular for fashion jewellery, often set with cubic zirconia,  but it's softness means it is or ideal for everyday wear.

While silver is enduringly popular, there’s still a lot of mystery around it. We've found ten surprising facts that will ensure that you never look at your silver jewellery in quite the same way!

  1. Silver is used in microscopes, mirrors, jet engines, telescopes and batteries 

  2. Silver is the most reflective element 

  3. The chemical symbol for silver is 'Ag'. It comes from the Latin word for silver 'Argentum' which, in turn, derives from the Sanskrit word '  Argunas  ' meaning 'shining 

  4. Drinking silver turns your skin blue!

  5. The words for silver and for money are the same in 14 languages

  6. Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity of all the elements
  7. Silver is used in wound dressing to prevent infections

  8. Silver has been used as currency since 700 BC
  9. When small stars explode they produce silver, larger stars produce gold

  10. In recent years most silver mined each year was used in photography, next comes electronic gadgets and third was jewellery

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