Shaped, Fitted Wedding Bands

Many ladies have trouble finding a wedding ring that fits perfectly alongside their engagement ring. This may be because the setting of their diamond(s) protrudes wider than the shank (band) of the ring, or because their engagement ring is a 'crossover' design & has a curved shank. At RING jewellers we specialise in shaped, fitted wedding rings. Each wedding ring is handmade to fit the individual engagement ring. This means that unlike 

off-the-peg 'wishbone' rings, the wedding band fits perfectly with the engagement ring instead of just a little better. This not only looks a lot neater but crucially it protects the engagement ring from being rubbed & worn away.  

Often, the temptation is to buy an extremely thin wedding ring & push it under the engagement ring. NEVER DO THIS!!! This creates excessive wear & tear on the engagement ring & the wedding ring will never stay neatly alongside it because it will move when the wearer closes their hand. If you would like a wedding ring that looks amazing & protects your engagement ring then we would recommend our shaped, fitted wedding rings. 


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